Klaumis Debian-Packages

for more information have a look at www.klaumikli.de

Use apt to get access to this repositories!

Put one or all of the following lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list
depending to your Debian-Version:

deb http://apt.klaumikli.de buster/
deb-src http://apt.klaumikli.de buster/

deb http://apt.klaumikli.de bullseye/
deb-src http://apt.klaumikli.de bullseye/

deb http://apt.klaumikli.de testing/
deb-src http://apt.klaumikli.de testing/

Than run:
apt-get update or: aptitude update or: apt update (whatever you prefer to use)

and then install/upgrade the wanted package(s) with:
apt-get install Package or: aptitude install Package or: apt install Package


Contents of the Respositories:

Debian 10 - Buster (oldstable)
Debian 11 - Bullseye (stable)
Debian Bookworm (testing)



The packages are gpg-signed. To get my NEW public pgp-key type:
     wget https://apt.klaumikli.de/klaumikli-key2022.gpg

To let apt know about it, type as root:
     apt-key add klaumikli-key2022.gpg

Since Debian Bookworm the use of apt-key is deprecated. It will work for now.
But if you are using Bookworm you should propably use the new method
(one command as normal user instead of the two commands above; you will be asked
for your user password):
     wget -O- https://apt.klaumikli.de/klaumikli-key2022.gpg | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/klaumikli-archive-keyring-2022.gpg


last updated 2022-04-09