Klaumis Debian-Packages

for more information have a look at www.klaumikli.de

Use apt to get access to this repositories!

Put one or all of the following lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list
depending to your Debian-Version:

deb http://apt.klaumikli.de buster/
deb-src http://apt.klaumikli.de buster/

deb http://apt.klaumikli.de bullseye/
deb-src http://apt.klaumikli.de bullseye/

deb http://apt.klaumikli.de testing/
deb-src http://apt.klaumikli.de testing/

Than run:
apt-get update or: aptitude update or: apt update (whatever you prefer to use)

and then install/upgrade the wanted package(s) with:
apt-get install Package or: aptitude install Package or: apt install Package


Contents of the Respositories:

Debian 10 - Buster (oldstable)
Debian 11 - Bullseye (stable)
Debian Bookworm (testing)



The packages are gpg-signed. To get my NEW public pgp-key type:
     wget http://apt.klaumikli.de/klaumikli-key2020.gpg

To let apt know about it, type as root:
     apt-key add klaumikli-key2020.gpg


last updated 2021-08-27